With a standard Will, you make an absolute gift to beneficiaries. For example, you might leave your estate to your spouse in the first instance, but if they remarry or change their Will after your death then your wishes may not be carried out. Trusts can be an excellent way of ensuring that your wishes are honoured in a more flexible way.

For example:

  • Looking after assets for beneficiaries who are not capable of looking after themselves

  • Ensuring that inheritance isn’t squandered by a beneficiary with issues managing money, gambling, or drug/ alcohol addiction

  • Ensuring that beneficiaries are not disinherited through sideways disinheritance (where a parent remarries and the estate moves to the new partner and not the children)

  • Keeping inheritance within your bloodline

There are different types of Trusts that can help you in your individual circumstances, and we work with you at every stage to give you peace of mind.